Clovis Animal Services

rehoming your pet

If you’re looking to rehome a pet, we understand it’s a difficult, often painful situation to be in. Though every situation is different, there may be other options to consider or things to try before choosing to rehome your pet. If you live in the City of Clovis, you’re welcome to contact our Clovis Animal Receiving & Care Center by calling (559) 324-2450 to discuss your situation and available options.

Rehoming Your Pet

If you’ve already made your decision, we encourage you to consider rehoming your pet from home to home. There are multiple online services that can help you rehome your pet to another family directly without the assistance of an animal shelter or rescue. This is not only beneficial for the pet, but also for animal organizations with limited space. By rehoming rather than surrendering your pet, you leave a dog run open for another pet in need. The buttons below link to a few external resources for rehoming your pet and finding interested families.

Rehome through:

Surrendering Your Pet

Should you choose to do so, we may be able to assist you with an owner surrender, though whether or not we are able to take the animal may depend on the circumstances and our current resources. Even if we are unable to take the animal, we are happy to provide any advice and resources we can.