City of CLovis

Animal Response Team



The Clovis Animal Response Team responds to citizen requests regarding animals who are in distress, roaming, injured, or may be a danger to the public. This team actively provides citizens with sound information about animal care and policy and they assist with lost and found pets, feral and stray cats, wildlife inquiries, and much more.

Responding to Lost and Found Pets

Sometimes pets get lost and we do our best to help reunite them with their owners! We offer many tools to help our community get their pets back back home.

Any animal in the care of the Clovis Animal Receiving & Care Center is posted to our website under the Lost & Found Animals section. The community also has the opportunity to post lost or found pet listings, which are circulated on Clovis Animal Services social media as well. Check out our interactive map to see lost and found pets in your area!

Feral and Stray Cats

ll cats are considered free roaming in our area, and a cat that seems feral might actually be someone’s pet. For these reasons, Clovis Animal Services does not accept feral/stray cats, with some exceptions, and many animal shelters and organizations have adopted a similar policy.

Clovis is home to several cat colonies, considered “community cats,” that live happy, healthy lives outdoors and are an integral part of our ecosystem.

We partner with volunteers in our community to help keep these cats managed in our neighborhoods, ensuring they are sterilized and vaccinated. In doing so, we keep our neighborhoods healthy and keep cats who are not suitable for adoption out of our shelter.


If a wild animal in the City of Clovis is found injured, ill, or is exhibiting aggressive behavior, our Animal Response Team may be able to help. However, wildlife is considered free-roaming, and removing or relocating wild animals can be both illegal and potentially harmful to the animal and localized animal populations. For these reasons, we do not typically remove or relocate wild animals. If you have other questions pertaining to wildlife or need additional assistance, we’re here to help in any way we can.

Other Animal Services Assistance

Whether its an animal on the loose, you find an animal in distress or deceased, or a neighboring dog is excessively barking, our Animal Response Team will do their best to assist with your situation. Feel free to contact us so we can discuss your needs.