How pet microchips work and why your pet needs one!

June 4, 2022

One in three animals are lost at least once in their lifetime, and microchips can help ensure your pets find their way back to you! Not sure how they work or where you can get one? This blog is for you!

 What is a pet microchip?

A pet microchip is a small, electronic chip that can be easily and safely implanted beneath your pet’s skin as a semi-permanent form of identification and is widely recognized as the best way to ensure that your pet can be identified if they’re ever lost or stolen. When scanned, each chip has a unique identification number that can be linked back to your contact information so you can be reached if your pet is found!

How do pet microchips work?

After a new microchip is placed, you will receive an email to register your pet’s information in the microchip system. If your pet is later found and taken to an animal organization, they will likely be scanned for a microchip. When scanned, the chip transmits the pet’s ID number which can then be used to pull up your information so you can be contacted. When a lost dog or cat comes to us at Clovis Animal Services, we ALWAYS scan for a chip to contact their owner, and if the pet doesn’t have a chip, we give them one!

Where can I get my pet microchipped?

At our pet adoption center, Miss Winkles! Miss Winkles offers dog and cat microchipping services for just $20. Simply give them a call during their business hours (Tues – Sun from 1 PM to 5 PM) at 559-324-2465 to let them know when you’ll be heading over with your pet, and they’ll be happy to help. Miss Winkles Pet Adoption Center is located at 85 Temperance in Clovis, and all animals adopted from Miss Winkles are also microchipped at no extra cost before heading home with their families! It just goes to show how important we believe microchips are here at Clovis Animal Services.

Get the Facts

For more information and common misconceptions about microchipping, get the facts from our microchipping service, HomeAgain!


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